Saturday, 8 January 2011

A new year resolution

It has been decided that blogging more is a must do.
I've been abit awol in the online world recently due to the whole home life to university life conversion!
But I'm all settled and back in action for sure. Not too many updates in my happenings except I'm still working on the dreaded shirt deadlined for this wednesday...the horrors.
Other than that, it's been christmas time, that's pretty awesome being home and getting to actually see old friends. Tomorrow I must return to Lincoln, exciting stuff except it seems my course is one of few that starts so early so it's going to be a pretty deserted student wise.

In other news, I've been compulsively watching LA ink and Miami ink, absolutly in love with Kat Von D.
One episdoe showed Natalia Fabia getting a chandelier tattoo which is absolutly amazing.
She has pretty amazing art work herself so go definatly one to check out.

Wish list item has to be this fantabulious jewellery by Armor Jewlry.

Enough ramblings for now!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Let's catch up

Okay so it's been a while!
There's been quite a lot of going ons in the world of Sophie.
First of I got into university!!! Congrats to me, I've also taken a trip to heartbreak city but life goes on right?

Here I am in my lovely flat, avoiding the pile of work I have yet to do.
So far I've made a miniature pair of trousers for a project which is super cute. Along with starting a hat, very proud of myself I must say. Next up is a full blown shirt, who knew pattern making was so hard?

Moreeeee and pictures soon!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Irish Crisis

First of all I've got to say how much in lust I am with this bag.

A Marc Jacobs, called Sophie nonetheless! If only I had the funds...

Secondly, I'm off on holiday on Friday for two weeks in Ireland, which means I'm having a panic attack choosing what to take and what not to take! Particularly clothes wise. This is because usually when I get up in the morning I just throw on whatever I can find. So, planning each outfit day by day is going to be strangely difficult! That being said, in the second week I ll have the luxury of stealing the boyfs clothes ;)
On a non related clothes matter, being an avid reader I don't think I can squash down enough books to fill up my free time that I'll have chilling on the Ferry and so forth. Ahh, the crisis of holidaying! 

Upsides being that hey, I ll be on holiday which is always more fun than daily humble jumble. 

One of the beautiful views of Ireland, Ladys view.
Gives me chance to contemplate and one last chance to relax before the stresses of Uni and well lets face it, life. Defiantly crammed full of opportune moments for photography and the likes, maybe even brush up on my art skills! 

Friday, 6 August 2010

Tough Love

Got this top yesterday and I lurrvee it! Teamed with my leather skirt which is defiantly a staple in my wardrobe. I  tend to gravitate towards skirts and dresses, partly due to the fact that jeans or trousers seem to be inbetween sizes for me and belts are not my friend in holding them up! Braces are a good alternative to wear with jeans but I seem to be on a breaking spree with them. It seems jeans and me are just not meant to be.
I think everyone who's experienced any kind of love, be it of friends and family or true love, knows of the phrase 'Tough Love' ringing true. Well hey, Romeo and Juliet did at least, and who doesn't want that?
Short post because I'm going to have to go and tidy up after a love of my own!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

My first!

So, here we go. I figured that with everyone raving about the blogging community it's worth a go. Starting with my lovely pirate outfit, an ebay find of course. Is there any other way to where it than with suspenders and long boots? I think not! 
Halloween has always been fun for dressing up, the opportunity to dress dorkish or just out there. Not that I don't find the astonished looks amusing when I do this on a daily basis. You gotta live to the full, right? One of the best things about clothes is you can completely change your attitude with each outfit and play dress up. What more could you ask for. Except maybe a bigger wardrobe.