Saturday, 8 January 2011

A new year resolution

It has been decided that blogging more is a must do.
I've been abit awol in the online world recently due to the whole home life to university life conversion!
But I'm all settled and back in action for sure. Not too many updates in my happenings except I'm still working on the dreaded shirt deadlined for this wednesday...the horrors.
Other than that, it's been christmas time, that's pretty awesome being home and getting to actually see old friends. Tomorrow I must return to Lincoln, exciting stuff except it seems my course is one of few that starts so early so it's going to be a pretty deserted student wise.

In other news, I've been compulsively watching LA ink and Miami ink, absolutly in love with Kat Von D.
One episdoe showed Natalia Fabia getting a chandelier tattoo which is absolutly amazing.
She has pretty amazing art work herself so go definatly one to check out.

Wish list item has to be this fantabulious jewellery by Armor Jewlry.

Enough ramblings for now!

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