Sunday, 8 August 2010

Irish Crisis

First of all I've got to say how much in lust I am with this bag.

A Marc Jacobs, called Sophie nonetheless! If only I had the funds...

Secondly, I'm off on holiday on Friday for two weeks in Ireland, which means I'm having a panic attack choosing what to take and what not to take! Particularly clothes wise. This is because usually when I get up in the morning I just throw on whatever I can find. So, planning each outfit day by day is going to be strangely difficult! That being said, in the second week I ll have the luxury of stealing the boyfs clothes ;)
On a non related clothes matter, being an avid reader I don't think I can squash down enough books to fill up my free time that I'll have chilling on the Ferry and so forth. Ahh, the crisis of holidaying! 

Upsides being that hey, I ll be on holiday which is always more fun than daily humble jumble. 

One of the beautiful views of Ireland, Ladys view.
Gives me chance to contemplate and one last chance to relax before the stresses of Uni and well lets face it, life. Defiantly crammed full of opportune moments for photography and the likes, maybe even brush up on my art skills! 

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