Friday, 6 August 2010

Tough Love

Got this top yesterday and I lurrvee it! Teamed with my leather skirt which is defiantly a staple in my wardrobe. I  tend to gravitate towards skirts and dresses, partly due to the fact that jeans or trousers seem to be inbetween sizes for me and belts are not my friend in holding them up! Braces are a good alternative to wear with jeans but I seem to be on a breaking spree with them. It seems jeans and me are just not meant to be.
I think everyone who's experienced any kind of love, be it of friends and family or true love, knows of the phrase 'Tough Love' ringing true. Well hey, Romeo and Juliet did at least, and who doesn't want that?
Short post because I'm going to have to go and tidy up after a love of my own!


  1. I really dig the outfit combo!

    And it's great when loved ones tidy up, isn't it? :D